Dressing 101

What’s salad without (dare we say it) dressing? Like the sound track to a movie, the right dressing can make the colorful leaves and veggies in your salad bowl sing (with flavor, that is, and healthy fats—the kind that help your body absorb all those powerful vitamins and nutrients). From vinaigrettes and creamy pours, to a few deliciously creative ways to go “undressed,” we’ll show you how to choose the perfect dressing for your lettuce, no matter what the type.

Dressing Types

VINAIGRETTE: a versatile mix of oil and vinegar or tart citrus juice
CREAMY: made from dairy or mayonnaise for robust, full-flavored dressings
UNDRESSED: toppings that have intense flavor and texture
Dressing and serving salads are as much about art and
science as cooking. There’s a method to the madness when it
comes to tossing to prevent soggy greens and perk up your plating.

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