Showstopping salads, imaginative ingredients and fanciful new takes on favorites, our recipes range from deeply savory to delicately sweet—and everything in between. Come explore—see where our recipes will take you.
Cooking’s all about balance. From the sweet of citrus to a savory ‘shroom, the crunch of a pistachio or chew of a fig, the more sensory signals, the better.  Salads can combine them all. Brought home a bounty from the farmer’s market? Roast up some veggies and toss them in. Looking to explore new cultures and cuisines? Build a bedding for miso-roasted tofu, coriander-crusted scallops and smoky Spanish sardines. Even breakfast’s bacon and eggs have a place among greens. So many possibilities, so many salads. Ready, set, toss.
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