With an abundance of textures, tastes and pairings at your fingertips, we have the greens to complement any dish you dream up.  Whether it’s zesty, spicy arugula or sweet hearts of romaine, our variety of salads is the door to a world of inspiration for any occasion.


Select a taste and texture to see your salad varieties.


Mild and slightly sweet lettuces like romaine, iceberg and cabbage provide the salad artist with unlimited inspiration. These simple flavors are a perfect starting point for any salad creation because they let the other ingredients be the hero of your salad. They’re also delicious toppers to your favorite wrap or sandwich.


These are our most flavorful and colorful blends. Ingredients like spicy radicchio and pleasantly bitter endive contribute a variety of robust flavors in every bite. These blends are best showcased in salads specifically created for their distinctive flavors.


If you’re a fan of zesty-flavored lettuces such as baby spinach and arugula, these are the blends for you. Packed with peppery and intense flavors, these distinctive blends become the perfect palate for tangy dressings, bold ingredients and proteins.


These leafy blends of baby lettuces, greens and spinach make for delightfully delicate salads. With their tender texture, these blends are perfectly matched with vinaigrettes and light creamy dressings.


If you’re in the mood for something classic, simple and satisfying, a crisp blend is the perfect choice. These light and refreshing lettuces such as romaine and iceberg deliver a snappy bite and pair well with anything from vinaigrettes to heavier creamy dressings.


These blends add a satisfying crunch to any salad. Fresh vegetables such as carrots, cabbage and snow peas are combined with a variety of lettuces for a sweet and crunch.

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